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Helping You Understand the Environmental Performance of Alternatives to Single-use Plastics in Food & Beverage

As part of The Single-use Plastics (SUP) Challenge, four life cycle assessment (LCA) studies of alternative solutions versus SUP items in the food service industry were carried out.

This calculator was developed as a complementary tool to help people compare the life cycle environmental impacts of alternative solutions versus SUPs and understand how different parameters can affect the environmental performance of alternative solutions versus SUPs.

It is advised that this calculator should not be used to (1) compare products with different functions (e.g. beverage cup versus takeaway containers) or (2) calculate the environmental impacts for the purpose of applying for an environmental label.

Users can download the SUP Challenge Life Cycle Assessment Report HERE to get a more detailed understanding of methodology and data behind the calculations of the studies and the calculator.

This calculator was made possible with the support of The Incubation Network, The Circulate Initiative, and the PREVENT Waste Alliance

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